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This man right here is Matthew J Helders the Third. The Agile Beast himself. The Thunder Thief. The Rhythm Panther.


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This DOES NOT fucking slip now! THIS DOES NOT FUCKING SLIP NOW! LISTEN! LISTEN!! This is gone! We go to Norwich, EXACTLY THE SAME! We go again! COME ON!!! Cite Arrow Steven Gerrard
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No words can describe what this means to me. Family, maybe. I am so proud to bleed Liverpool red. Steven Gerrard’s heart beats for Liverpool.

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First Appearances - The Quattro and Gene Hunt

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Just watched the Jamie Carragher documentary from sky one last weekend. It re-inforced to me, that he is the pinnacle of hard work and determination. I look up to him for that alone. They way he would never give up and put his body on the line for his team mates, and the fans. He’s definitely responsible for helping me appreciate and enjoy other aspects of the game, that I never used to enjoy. Like tackling and covering for another team mate, and that football isn’t all about fancy flicks and scoring goals. Its about positioning and desire. I’ve got a football tournament in work tomorrow, and I won’t be running forward and attacking them to much. I’m going to guard that goal with my life.
Shockin’ film on bbc 2.

Shockin’ film on bbc 2.

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Alex Turner seen with girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg out and about at the Coachella festival

April 14, 2012

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